No one enters a rehabilitation center for fun and enjoyment. It's too hard to deal with addictions, especially for those who have been abused severely. However, Ananda Care does as much as possible to make these addiction treatments more comfortable for the patients. You or your loved ones can get the best treatment in a safe, relaxing, and pleasant environment.

Being the best rehabilitation center in Delhi, Ananda Care caters to the patient's needs and provides the best treatment in their facility. They do all this for individuals with a significant purpose in mind. Their approach to betterment serves patients best.

Ananda Care Services and Amenities Options

Ananda Care is a luxurious de-addiction center located in a prime place in Delhi. Their treatment facilities and amenities resemble an exclusive place that allows patients to recover in a stress-free environment. From mental relief to personal growth, this place offers abusers a path to wellness.

Individualized Addiction Treatments

Being the best rehab facility in Delhi, Ananda Care deals with patients by understanding their unique needs. Patients who suffer from drugs, alcohol, gambling, smoking, and tobacco can eliminate these issues. Here, various treatment methods are adopted to solve the problem at the root.

Treatment of Bipolar, Schizophrenia, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Ananda Care deals with patients suffering from bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, or even obsessive-compulsive disorder. Checking up on the person's behavior and daily routines, therapists here guide patients on how to best deal with these issues.

Organic Farming

Here all the products are developed organically using different environmentally friendly raw materials. The products here are grown without using any fertilizers.

Healthy Meals and Holistic Nutrition

When substantives are used for the long term, the disorders that come with this weaken the immune system. Additionally, it disrupts digestion, putting the organs under stress; as a result, people start fighting with their health. Ananda Care deals with food disorders and provides highly nutritious and holistic meal plans for patients' needs.

Yoga, Meditation

Yoga and meditation and proven methods to deal with stress management. People with substance use face severe anxiety and deal with depression and stress. Here the yoga, meditation, and breathwork at Ananda Care work like magic and affect how people live positively.


Horticulturists here allow clients to feel and experience horticulture on their own. They learn the cultivation processes and get to know different medicinal plants and their usage. It works as a therapy for a patient's mental and physical health.

Recreational Activities

At Ananda Care, patients can enjoy their leisure time by participating in various recreational activities. Both indoor and outdoor activities, including lawn tennis, pool, chess, and carrom board, allow clients to enjoy wellness.

Counseling Sessions

Individual, family, and addiction counseling occurs here. Here the therapists consider the patient's responses, preferences, and needs and then provide them with the best counseling session to help them overcome several problems.

Creative Arts Therapy

Drawing is a way to express your feelings and emotions better. Encouraging patients to be a part of different activities like drawing, painting, sketching, and sculpting allow their mind to communicate better. They can build up themselves to express their thoughts better.


Ananda Care, which provides an extensive range of facilities and amenities, is popular among people. Anyone interested in having the best treatment from rehab and also in a luxurious way can come to the best addiction treatment services in Delhi. Rehab is not a prison, but you can consider it a medium to fly with new colors and in a new life.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much monthly charges are there?
The individual's choice of accommodations and facilities matters in the monthly cost of these treatments. Though, the packages are the same for everyone more or less.

How is the rehabilitation center approached in treatments?
We always focus on a holistic approach. We guide people physically, emotionally, socially, and mentally so they can deal with these problems easily.

What kind of meal plans are there?
We provide protein-rich healthy meals that are totally cooked at our facility. These meal plans are decided and suggested by our nutritional team based on the unique health requirements of the patients.

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