When it comes to societal problems, addiction always comes up. Certain things are spoken about when it comes to what people are addicted to. These are often: drugs, alcohol, and gambling. These addictions have received exposure over the years which has led to varying degrees of stigma being attached to them. An addict can catch addicted to any of these things but there are other things too that he could be addicted to.

Some addictions are socially acceptable, unlike others. This means that there are addictions that are frowned upon and others that are being overlooked. One can feel ashamed for what he is addicted to and might not be able to talk about it with his friends and family. They feel like society will abandon them.

It would be easy to jump to the conclusion that addiction is a bad thing and needs to be avoided at all costs. And this is because of the impression that has been created in society. But if we dig deep into addiction, we will find that it’s not only about drugs or alcohol, a human being can be addicted to anything, it could be eating chocolates, shopping, etc.

Sometimes an addiction could be extremely destructive and take over a person’s life but on the other side, it could prove to be extremely productive and yet still be within his/her control.

Being addicted to drugs, alcohol or gambling is going to have destructive effects only which will affect one’s physical, mental, and emotional health along with finances. It can also lead the person in becoming proficient in a certain area of life. It will take continued practice to achieve the same.

Addicts think that their addiction might bring something good to them but as time passes, they realize that nothing beneficial happened and there is no purpose in taking drugs. That is when he/she thinks about seeking help.

Some addictions are labeled as bad but there are many other addictions that people can have and those addictions could turn out to be destructive. These could be the things that are held in high esteem by society.

One could be addicted to helping or pleasing people, or volunteering, although these may be well looked upon as commendable things to do if they get out of control, which could cause a problem for the addict.

As addictions have the potential to be constructive and destructive, depending on factors such as what one becomes addicted to and for how long, it could be said that addictions are a part of human experiences.

It has become a part of the modern world and each of us is addicted to something. That addiction might be good, bad, or neutral, no one can predict that. It can be easy to blame drugs and alcohol but these addictions and others for that matter are just consequences.

Human beings are full of emotions, some people know how to show their emotions whereas some don’t. The ego mind is all about control and addiction allows the egoistic mind to control one’s emotions. It becomes like a ritual for the person to regulate his emotions. And this only happens when the person doesn’t know how to express his emotions.

So this is how the egoistic mind functions and it is no surprise that humans are addicts by nature. This addiction can turn out to be beneficial or destructive, the future will tell. Childhood and adult life experiences play an important role in addiction. What friends and loved ones do for you, will matter as a way to deal with your internal process.

Some people don’t get enough love and care during their childhood and they don’t develop the ability to regulate themselves. Empathic care is when you have a caregiver that validates and turns to your needs and emotions.

If care and love have never taken place in someone’s life, he/she will then be not able to regulate their emotions and might need assistance from a psychologist or a therapist. The general views that are given through the media are biased and unhelpful and rarely get to the heart of something.

Addiction has become such a problem in this world due to emotional repression. Emotional intelligence is often the exception and not the rule in the western world. This is gradually starting to change as people are more self-aware now. If you think you are going through any kind of addiction or mental disorder, you can contact us to get yourself into therapy and treatment. Our centre is one of the best rehabilitation centre in Delhi.

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