Our drug rehab centre internationally aligned, innovative, and state-of-the-art programmes are tailor-made for each patient, making us one of India's best luxury rehabilitation centres for de-addiction, psychological well-being, and healing. Addictions to heroin, opioids, Cocaine, and other drugs, as well as mental health issues like anxiety, depression, or eating disorders like anorexia or bulimia, are all things from which our patients can benefit from the highest quality care, which is why we're so dedicated to upholding the highest standards for drug addiction treatment in India.

Causes and Effects of Drug Addiction

Substance use disorder (SUD) is a mental and physical illness. The same factors can cause drug abuse and mental illness. Here are some common causes:

  • Genetics: How the body and brain respond to medication is often encoded in one's genes. These characteristics can either hasten or delay the onset of drug dependency.
  • Social Influence: A person's close circle of friends can substantially impact their judgement. You'll likely start abusing drugs yourself if your closest friends are already doing so.
  • Drugs are readily available and simple to obtain: Drugs are widely available in the urban areas of the world's developed economies. Because of this, more people—especially young people—are trying out these substances.
  • Influence on the Masses and Social Media: The widespread drug problem is largely due to the media's tendency to portray drug use positively. Movies and films often portray drug use as humorous and socially acceptable.
  • Mental Health Issues: Others "manage" issues like anxiety, depression, or personality disorders with drugs.

India's Rehab Facilities for Drug Abuse

Drug addicts worldwide are flocking to drug addiction treatment in India because of the country's holistic philosophy and cutting-edge medical facilities. Our drug rehab centre provides unmatched care and attention to each patient, ensuring they fully recover.

  • Customised Drug Detox: Detoxification is an essential first step to healing, and we get that. For a smooth and stress-free withdrawal from substances, trust in the expertise of our medical staff as they craft individualised detox plans.
  • The CBT Approach to Treating Mental Illness: Our skilled counsellors use CBT to aid their patients in identifying and altering destructive patterns of thought and action. By doing so, we help them learn to cope with stressful situations in more constructive ways.
  • Holistic Therapies: We offer holistic care for the whole person at our clinic. Yoga, meditation, and Ayurvedic drug addiction treatment are just a few of our holistic approaches.
  • Drug Administration: We understand that medication is a crucial part of some people's road to recovery. Our medical staff prescribes and oversees all medications, ensuring they work in tandem with other therapies to promote long-term health and healing.
  • Counselling for Families and Groups: Addiction has far-reaching consequences that touch not only the addict but also their loved ones. We create a safe space for therapy sessions in both groups and families.
  • Training to Prevent Relapse: Here, we prioritise long-term health and wellness over short-term fixes. Our therapists give their patients the resources to stay clean after leaving our facility.
  • Assistance Following Treatment: Once a patient leaves our care, our responsibility to them does not end. We ensure they stay on the road to recovery by offering constant encouragement, guidance, and follow-ups.

What makes India unique is how we blend ancient knowledge with contemporary methods. We take great pride in being a haven where people can begin to rebuild their lives free from the stigma of addiction. While we work to help patients stop using drugs, we also focus on assisting them to develop the skills they'll need to lead productive, drug-free lives.

Best rehabilitation centre in India and Delhi, providing individualised and customised

Assured Quality

Our drug rehab centre focuses on providing the full range of services for treating addiction. This is provided in a safe setting by a team of medical professionals and counsellors trained to oversee each stage of the detox and withdrawal process.

Our drug addiction treatment in India is a standard bearer in the field of rehabilitation and de-addiction because of the success we have had with our patients.

  • Provide services that are safe and secure.
  • Guarantee a satisfying experience for each and every customer.
  • We will make available quantitative, objective data on outcomes, efficiency, and user satisfaction to gauge our accomplishments.

Our facility has a culture of openness and honesty that encourages using the best available scientific evidence in all that we do. We aim to be a model of excellence and a leader in our field.


Our drug addiction treatment in India staff and the expert consultants we work with know how crucial it is to provide excellent care. ROAR's dedication and singular focus on helping those in need of de-addiction set us apart as the premier drug rehab centre in the country.

Our centre's approach to rehabilitation shows promise as a genuine means of self-improvement. Consistent de-addiction success is possible thanks to our continually improving process, realistic perspective, and adherence to current best practices.


We are not just another drug addiction treatment facility; we offer much more. It provides the ideal conditions for making lifestyle changes and discovering one's inner strength with its lush green surroundings, tranquil ambience, and aesthetic living.

Rooms at our facility are large and equipped with all the essentials for a pleasant stay. A variety of room types are available, including those for single, double, and triple occupancy. The living quarters are comfortable and designed for rest and leisure. There is also a swimming pool, a well-equipped fitness centre, a well-maintained tropical garden, and a large lawn for outdoor activities. Our in-house kitchen and skilled chefs prepare a variety of healthy cuisines to ensure that all our guests have access to a well-rounded diet. Personal items are all you'll need at our drug rehab centre.

Why Pick Us?

Drug abuse is a universally devastating illness. It touches people of all ages, races, and socioeconomic backgrounds. It's important to remember that many people who struggle with addiction are still contributing members of society.

  • Don't wait to overcome your addiction until you have support. Don't let false beliefs stand in the way of you or a loved one getting life-changing assistance.
  • Addiction, a substance use disorder (SUD), is a treatable chronic brain disease. Paradoxically, people with type 2 diabetes are more likely than those without the condition to become addicted to drugs. Brain circuitry can change physically due to genetic predispositions and environmental stimuli, resulting in tolerance, cravings, and the compulsive and destructive behaviours of addiction.
  • However, many people who have addiction issues either deny or are oblivious to the fact that they have a problem. Addiction is a chronic disease that typically begins with habitual substance abuse or chronic prescription drug use. The risk of dependence on alcohol and other drugs increases due to chronic use. Changes in the brain and body that occur to accommodate the presence of foreign substances are the root cause of dependence.
  • When a person develops a dependency on a substance and then abruptly reduces or stops using that substance, withdrawal symptoms may appear. Because of the unpleasant withdrawal symptoms, some people avoid drug addiction treatment altogether. Addiction is a mental and physiological disorder characterised by a person's compulsive drug use despite obvious negative consequences. If a loved one has these symptoms, intervene and get drug or alcohol treatment.
  • The purpose of an intervention is to have an open conversation with a loved one about their addiction and the toll it is taking on their life. This method promotes open discussion about the repercussions of substance abuse. Focus on specific bad habits and the harm they cause during the intervention.
  • Remember in prayer those you care about who are struggling with addiction. This demonstrates your dedication to their recovery. It is also important for them to choose a drug rehab centre where the staff is compassionate and understanding. Our centre is a place of rest, recovery, and renewal.
  • Because of the prejudice they face, people who use drugs are less likely to get help. This is due to their insecurity about how other people will perceive them. It is important to remember that the negative stigma surrounding addiction reflects society and not you as an individual. In your struggle against substance abuse, you have support. Many people have been able to beat addiction and go on to live fulfilling lives as recovering addicts. The same is true for you. Get help and hang out with upbeat people to improve your odds of recovery and future success.

Addiction affects people of all walks of life equally. Understanding your addiction's origins will help you move past it despite the judgements of others.

Our Skill Sets and Personnel

Our doctors are highly trained and come from prestigious academic institutions worldwide. Regarding substance abuse and mental health, our team members are unrivalled. Clinical psychologists, residential counsellors, cognitive behaviour therapists, hypnotherapists, dialectical behaviour therapists, expressive-art therapists, yoga-mindfulness trainers, fitness instructors, dietitians, and residential nursing staff are always on hand, as are international-trained consultant psychiatrists. Consistently serving no more than eight clients at any time, we take great pride in catering to each person's unique needs. We have professional counsellors and nurses on call 24/7 to meet your needs.

What Sets Us Apart?

As India's addiction crisis worsens, more and more people are looking for the country's most effective addiction treatment centres. Drug addiction treatment in India's therapies like talk therapy, yoga, meditation, MBSR, and the 12-step approach are some options available through our programmes. Patients at our family-friendly drug rehab centre receive round-the-clock medical attention from compassionate staff members.

Our Services

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